A card game – reinvented



Inspired by the classic collectible cards and fantasy leagues. Draft your team and develop their unique traits.


Add a dash of competitive card games and betting. Engage in tactical battles and climb the ladder to glory!


Let gamer performance determine card value. Connect to Steam and watch achievements shape your card!

Create your own card!

Use the card generator to get a preview of your own Champion!

Combat Level indicates your Champion’s overall strength. It is derived from all attributes, with extra focus on the highest one.

There are also factions to which you can pledge your allegiance. Each faction has unique skills and powers. Test your leadership as a Seeker, Guardian, Primal, Illusionist or Mystic.

Each card can be customized using our unique skill slot system. This way your favorite cards can play multiple roles over time.

The five PEARL attributes are based on ingame performance in Steam game genres, representing your individual strengths in Planning, Endurance, Aggression, Reflex and Luck.

Create a card now and compare it with friends, or Maul Cosplay!



All gamers are represented by a card, including you! Manage your team of Allies in single player practice mode or head-to-head matches against other players. Compete in seasonal tournaments to win cool prizes!

Play it your way

Customize your own card with artwork! Earn XP to upgrade it with game changing skills. Each card is different and so is each team. Build decks with cards of your friends, the eSport stars or great achievement hunters.

About Claimony

Claimony is a community where gamers meet and compete, to compare and get rewarded for their Steam achievements.
We strive to create a Game of Games where all players are welcome. A game where you change the rules.

If you want to know more about Claimony and our team, visit us at www.claimony.com.
We respect and connect gamers worldwide, join the party!



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