Achievement Spotlight | Frostweaver Gold – Gauntlet

For some reason or another, the list of rare achievements for yours truly is dominated by those of Arrowhead Studio´s Gauntlet. Perhaps a testament to the patience (or lack thereof) of the average player base when it comes to grinding, it’s still quite impressive that a mere 0,36% (as of the moment this post is being typed out) have attained the gold level Frostweaver achievement. This of course also means that it’s worth a mad amount of credits!

Now as a rule, most achievements this game has to offer can be ridiculously easy to grind up, provided that you and potential co-op partners know what you’re doing. But Frostweaver is a bit more elusive. Granted, since the release of Slayer Edition, the ease with which just about every achievement is obtained has increased significantly. But most Frost-magics simply don’t cut it compared to the other elements – especially if you’re at it alone. Good thing I’m here to provide you with some icing on your achievement cake.

For starters, you’ll want the difficulty set to Normal for this one. Try Hard only if you think you’re up for a challenge while you’re at it. Personally, I’m not even close to being that good with the Wizard, but I digress. The ideal level to grind up on, is definitely the one named “The Nest,” which is a arena-themed level where you square off against two Spider Queens and a bunch of spider-hatching eggs – the latter being of most importance. See, the game recognizes these as enemies in their own right, but they can’t exactly take a whole lot of damage, as you’ll likely be aware of by now.



What you want to do now is clear away a couple of the eggs on any one side of the arena, before the Queens show up (I prefer to use the left side), so they won’t badger you too much. Grab both potions while you’re at it, since they can be pretty useful if you find yourself in a pinch. In this level, I guess I’d recommend using the Barrier or Arcane Blast talismans. As for relics – just use Ring of Mirrors like everybody else. In Normal mode, Spider Queens usually go down pretty quick, and if you manage to hoard them together and let loose both talisman and relic on them, they’re gone in just about a flash. Also, if you accidentally kill off too many eggs, you can just wait for one the the Queens to lay more, though crowd control really is key here.


With the biggest threats gone, position yourself somewhere comfortable, line up your Ice Beam-spell, and let loose on the poor little spiders coming to get you. Simply just pick off the spiders and ignore the eggs, and you quickly rack up hundreds and then thousands of kills! You don’t have to cast the spell continuously (though, it was kinda fun to pretend to be a lighthouse of freezing death! Whirling around like a loony) to make short work of these poor bastards. I think this one took me less than an hour to get from about 500 kills, to the 8000 needed for gold, so not even tenacity is an issue, really. Just keep at it until you’re the real blizzard wizard!


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