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A top-down twin stick shooter from the creators of Magicka and The Showdown Effect.

This Starships troopers + Magicka combo brings new ways to save mankind on Super Earth! But it’s not that simple. Enemies are in every section of the galaxy.

So ask yourself this: Do you want to live forever?

The game starts with you, a newly recruited HELLDIVER with a simple mission: Eliminate the threats from The Illuminate, bugs and cyborgs in the galaxy.
You will be stationed on your own spaceship orbiting one of the vast number of planets that’s offering 2-5 missions each. The mission’s difficulty ranges from “A walk in the park” to “Impossible” . Each mission has a few objectives to complete before you can extract from the planet. You can go solo or up to 4 players total and massacre. And with help of stratagems you can call down for Ammo, Turrets, APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers), Mechs and droids. But watch out where they land, they can crush your little head.

The games balance is depending on the mission level and the skill of the players. You can play solo but you are all alone. You can play with 3 others but there is friendly fire… A good team can go far.

Performance, audio & video

Performance wise it runs as expected with 60fps across the board. The graphical quality is far better than Magicka but is not top AAA. It has a distinct color scheme so you can see your enemy without clutter on the screen.

The audio design in the game is great. It combines the feeling of “we are not alone in the universe” plus a hint of Mass Effect and Halo.
Voice acting is short, sweet and punny. But after a while it becomes a drag hearing your soldier yell “Freedom” and “Have a cup of liber-TEA” over and over.

Moving and shooting is done with the WASD keys and mouse or with a controller. WASD or the controller’s directional pad is used to complete objectives or call down stratagems.

Achievements! Achievements!

If you like puns and reference to viral videos and quotes from movies then HELLDIVERS is a game for you. Of the 39 different achievements a few can be a real PUN-ishment to get. So if you aim for 100%, this one can take awhile…


HELLDIVERS gives you a nice time fighting while it also infuriates you with accidental deaths by yourself or teammates.


  • Twin stick shooter
  • Friendly fire
  • New player friendly
  • High replay value


  • Friendly fire
  • Disconnecting from online players
  • Repeating dialog

Helldiver soldier
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